About our healthy Korean food

We are the Korean food destination in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg since 2014! We love Berlin and all the inspiration we get from it. We believe in healthy Korean food.

Our concept is simple: Homemade. Healthy. Hearty. Fresh. Modern twist on Korean cuisine. Healthy food for every day. Good portions for good prices.

Many convenience foods are loaded with sugar, are over-processed and loaded with preservatives and MSG (Glutamate). That’s why all our sauces and Kimchis are made with all-natural ingredients and made in-house from our loving hands 🙂

Our menu and weekly specials are offered to accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian and meat eaters. As well, we can offer dishes in Gluten-Free and Non-Spicy versions upon request.

We built also, the whole place ourselves! All the furniture, benches, shelving, counters, floors, etc. we built with the same loving hands. So please come by and get inspired.

Food is an international language, so let’s share our stories about healthy Korean food.

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